Want To Be Snapchat Famous? Follow These Pro Tips

If you aren't a celebrity, getting people to notice you on Snapchat isn't easy. There's no explore section to suggest followers based on your interests (à la Instagram), so if people don't know to look for you, your audience will consist of friends, family, and maybe the odd addition every now and then.
But there are native Snap stars, users who started from scratch and built a following on the app. Some experienced viral, overnight fame through work with brands. Others grew their audience over time, by word of mouth.
We talked to five of the most successful Snapchatters today f0r their keys to snap gold. Ahead, their tips on starting your channel strong, building an audience, and sustaining it over time. Read on, brush up on the latest features, and snap away. Then, head here for tips on growing your engagement on Instagram.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco.
Find Your Snap Trademark

"At first I posted random drawings, but it wasn't until I created a themed series that people started to take interest in my channel. My dream is to take pictures with famous celebrities, but I know that would be hard to achieve. With the magic of Snapchat, I drew celebrities on my selfies. I told my friends I took selfies with famous people and they thought it was hilarious and looked forward to seeing more."

Cyrene Quiamco, @cyreneq
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Photo: Courtesy of Audrey Spencer.
Get Your Followers Involved

"Snapchat is a very personal experience, so I'll ask my audience for feedback when I have drawer's block. Sometimes I'll tease a new cat drawing coming up. On Valentine's Day, I drew little cards that people could share."

— Audrey Spencer, @cakes1todough1
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Post Your Snaps To Other Accounts

"I got my first push on Reddit. Reddit loves cats, food, and things that look cool. I figured my art looked cool, so I first started posting on /r/art and /r/snapsterpiece subreddits.

"[Now,] anytime I finish a drawing or a cool video, I cross-post it to Instagram. It also grows my Instagram audience. Recently, due to Snapchat dysfunctionality on Android, I've been posting more exclusive content to Instagram and pushing my following there."

— Sallia Goldstein, @salliasnap
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Photo: Courtesy of CJ OperAmericano
Work With Other Snappers

"Collaboration is the best way to grow numbers. Approach other Snappers who have a similar following to yours — these can be found on www.the11thsecond.com or the app Ghost Codes — educate them on the content you make, and work together to make a story on each account that brings out what is interesting about both of you.

"Posting each-other's Snapcode towards the end is the best way to share an audience since users get lazy about typing usernames, especially if they are complicated. If you have a bunch of random letters and or numbers and symbols, change that ASAP!"

— CJ OperAmericano, @operamericano
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Assemble A Weekly Review

"I created a series on my Instagram, before Instagram Stories was around, called 'SnapchatSundays' where I would post a quick recap to my Instagram on what people missed that week [on Snapchat]. The most well received Snapchat posts tend to be ones that include a storyline of sorts."

— Jacey Duprie, @damselindior
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Photo: Courtesy of CJ OperAmericano.
Look For "Takeover" Opportunities

"Brands have the resources to grow their accounts to huge numbers, whether it be by hiring other viral stars or cross promotion on their other social accounts. Putting your face, work and username on their accounts can be a huge pull for your audience.

"My Belle drawing grabbed the attention of Disneyland, which prompted them to approach me to take over their account for their 60th Diamond Anniversary 24 hour kick-off party. Their account had a large audience, so that first campaign launched my views into the 4-digit numbers, which have now snow-balled from that initial boost."

— CJ OperAmericano, @operamericano