Want To Be Snapchat Famous? Follow These Pro Tips

If you aren't a celebrity, getting people to notice you on Snapchat isn't easy. There's no explore section to suggest followers based on your interests (à la Instagram), so if people don't know to look for you, your audience will consist of friends, family, and maybe the odd addition every now and then.
But there are native Snap stars, users who started from scratch and built a following on the app. Some experienced viral, overnight fame through work with brands. Others grew their audience over time, by word of mouth.
We talked to five of the most successful Snapchatters today f0r their keys to snap gold. Ahead, their tips on starting your channel strong, building an audience, and sustaining it over time. Read on, brush up on the latest features, and snap away. Then, head here for tips on growing your engagement on Instagram.

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