Show Off Your Inner Wonder Woman With Ferragamo's Tough Cuff

DC Comics and Marvel's supreme world of comic books, where good guys fight evil villains and save the world from a certain destruction, is no longer nerdy — thanks to Hollywood's current addiction. (Think: The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Spiderman... need we go on?) And, now we've officially caught the bug with a full-on obsession that is quickly spreading to the fashion industry. With all the upcoming superhero movies, can you blame us for wanting some powers of our own? Though sadly we don't have any above-human talents (maybe our ability to wear sky-high heels), we can play Wonder Woman thanks to Ferragamo's new whipstitch cuff, a useful tool to blind our arch-nemesis.
The sleek and tough cuff, which will be available for purchase in early November, comes in gold and. It's dynamic design of a thick band that wraps around your wrist, detailed with a metallic lace-up pattern on both sides, makes for one utterly sophisticated cape crusader. While the price-tag, at $7,875, could buy a small apartment in Gotham City, we're willing to call it a true investment piece that will stay stylish, even when the hero fad goes "Up, Up, and Away." Just slap delicately put it on — maybe it will conjure up Andrew Garfield.
600 x 400 silver
Photo: Courtesy of Ferragamo

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