Do Not Book Another Vacation Without Reading This

Here’s what we love more than most things, really: jetting off to an amazing new locale, experiencing new things, getting in some R&R, and extending our comfort zones. Here’s what we hate: all of the planning and uncertainty involved with the pretrip experience, and the stress it creates all the way up until you arrive at said exotic locale (and if you’re really unlucky and made some bad planning decisions, well into the vacay, as well).
Well, we’ve made some exciting new travel-obsessed friends, and they could easily erase that downside in its entirety, if you get to clicking and do some smart planning. Meet Fathom, a travel site that’s both super useful and fun. And, yes, you probably want to get in on the action before planning your next trip.
Basically, the whip-smart, research-obsessed, ask-the-right-questions ladies behind the site, Pavia, Jeralyn, and Crystal, go out there and do all the work for you, putting together fun, easy-to-read guides to every spot you could possibly want to visit, from New Orleans to Tajikistan, and everything in between, and suss out the coolest hotels, shops, vacation rentals, must-sees, and restos. That leaves you with a vacay guide that actually fits into your life. Not bad, right?
Well, it gets even better. We were so smitten with the ladies of Fathom that we asked them to work their magic just for you. Starting later this month, you can find their picks for all kinds of travel musts. We’ll start with the chicest cities in the world, and move on to some of London’s coolest spots (you know we’re hopping across the pond in December, right?), and then…well, we’ll make our way around the world. And we’re taking requests in the comments — so holler at us with your dream destinations, and we’ll get these ladies to plan those trips for you.
Photo: Courtesy of Fathom

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