Fashion's Most Eligible Bachelors

As the days get colder, all the single dudes and gals in the office are wishing they had someone to cozy up to in some matching cashmere sweaters or under a Pendleton blanket on the Great Lawn. We're not desperate (please!), but sometimes finding a man in this City is harder than keeping Lindsay out of jail. And with our busy fall schedules—Fashion Weeks, Art Basel, uh, Mad Men—we simply don't have the time to do the bar crawls or those terrible blind dates (guys, salicylic acid goes a long way). If you're feeling the same way, and aren't quite ready for, we've shed blood, sweat, and tears to put together a hit-list of fashion's most eligible bachelors, all based right here in NYC. From artists to editors, designers to publicists, scroll through our list of 26 of the men you to keep an eye out for. Who knows...maybe you can take them off the market!
Peter Davis, writer:
Everytime we see him out, we want at least one thing he's wearing. Guys, if you'd rather see him with nothing on, we suggest hitting up the Boom Boom Room and trying to strike up a conversation—bring up Daphne Guinness!
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Yigal Azrouël, fashion designer:
This dude is always in our party pictures, and every chick in the biz told us we had to include him. Of course, with those dark features, Israeli smoothness, and, let's not mention his dresses, he was always a shoe-in.
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Zach Hyman, photographer:
Don't call him a party photographer no more—this suave shutterbug has had mondo success in the art world with his series of eyebrow raising pieces that feature lots and lots of nudity. Oh, that Adonis face doesn't hurt either. We'll choose to forget his cameos in The City.
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Lorenzo Martone , swimsuit designer and talent publicist:
While everyone asks is-he-or-isn't-he dating Marc Jacobs, we could care less, as long as it's isn't. Charming as fuck, body like whoa—sorry ladies, this one is for the guys.
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Waris Alhuwalia, jewelry designer and actor:
If you like the bearded types, this Sikh's for you. Recently split with Chiara Clemente, this single man will be sure to keep your ring fingers dazzling with precious jewels. Not that we're calling you materialistic.
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Andre Leon Talley, television personality and Vogue Contributing Editor:
Well, he's a type. Plus, he can keep you really warm in his wide range of fur. Just don't be bringing any dreckitude!
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Kanye West, singer:
Since we haven't seen Amber Rose in a hot minute, and we think Selita Ebanks is just a friend, someone needs Kanye to tweet at them...and not Justin Bieber.
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Michael Mente,
We check this deal site on the reg, so why not check out the man who started it all. And don't let the long hair deceive you...he only swings one way and it's not gay. Plus, your wardrobe will never look better.
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Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director Thierry Mugler, Lady Gaga's stylist:
Recently tapped to put the Gaga touch in Mugler, this stylist is not for shrinking violets. We suggest wearing meat, balloons, and armadillo shoes...all at the same time.
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Olivier Zahm (left), Editor-In-Chief, Purple:
If you like you men a little, uh, dirty (showers optional), may we suggest this literary lad? But, make sure you're into the public eye—everything you do has a 99% chance of winding up on his blog.
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Sean Sullivan, The Impossible Cool :
Known for the beautiful images Sullivan assembles on his blog, he's a usual target for street style photogs, and we think we know why.

Photo via William Yan
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Seth Campbell, founder, Upper Echelon Shoes:
A white boy who likes to dress a little "street," look for Campbell popping bottles in the club, or checking out his collection at H. Lorenzo. Props for the sexy tattoo and, if you're into that kind of thing, the UES address.
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Tenzin Wild (right), co-founder, Last Magazine: His exotic looks remind us of a male Eva Mendes, while his style is pure LES. Make sure you are on the cutting-edge of, well, everything—he is.

Photo via Kanon Photo Diary.
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Prabal Gurung, designer:
Nepal sure knows how to make 'em! Not only does he have talent in spades, Gurung may be one of the most jacked dudes in the industry—ever peeped those pecs under one of his signature low-cut t-shirts? Sadly, ladies, this one's for the boys.
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Eugene Tong, Fashion Editor, Details:
It's all in the details, right (you didn't really think we weren't going to work details into a sentence)? If you're into guys with more sartorial skills than you and a little bit of street swagger, then we suggest you creep over to the Condé office stat.

Photo via alpha_betical
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Darrell Hartman , freelance journalist:
Chances are if you peep, Interview, or Vanity Fair consistently, you've read one of his pieces. And if you want more than just eloquence, this modern day Casanova is the consummate gentleman. Snap him up while you can—he has a penchant for dive bars!
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Jared Flint , Fashion Editor, Antenna:
Ginger! Ron Weasley has a hotter, better-dressed bro with a penchant for plaids. He's a tall one too.
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Yale Breslin (right), Online Editor, V Magazine:
Very single, our fash lad friend is one smart cookie, and his Canadian sense of humor, and sexy eyelashes don't hurt his case either. Wait, gays, why is he single again?
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Shaun Lee Lewis , publicist:
Super cute. Super talented. This one is going to be running his own firm in 5 years, we guarantee it. Look for him at gay nights at B.East, he's one hell of a dancer.
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Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, hospitality consultant:
If you're into tall, this is your best bet on our list. We're talking 6'5'', easy. The carefully planned bed-head might add another inch too. We like his preppy-meets-banker look.
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Louis A. Sarmiento, Senior Director, IMG Fashion:
Muy caliente! This Latin stud must be one of a few straight guys over at IMG, and he's pretty tough for working in fashion. A little scruff goes a long way.
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Morgan Collett, co-founder, Saturdays Surf NYC:
If you're into some laid-back Cali chillness, we've found your dude. This slick surfer can teach you how to ride the waves, if you know what we mean. Stop by his SoHo boutique for some fresh brewed coffee—you can usually find him on the outside terrace.
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Scott Lipps, founder, One Management:
Well "models and bottles" sure apply to this selection, but that's what happens when your agency represents everyone from Claudia Schiffer to Bar Refaeli. Girls, just make sure you have a lot of confidence—Lipps is surrounded by bombshells everyday.
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Steven Rojas, Director of Social Media, Soho & Tribeca Grand Hotels:
Oh Ro...not sure where to start. First off, no he's not gay. Second off, we're not sure if we'd trust him with any of our future daughters—kidding! But, trust, good times will be had by all!
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Peter Davis, writer:
Everytime we see him out, we want at least one thing he's wearing. Guys, if you'd rather see him with nothing on, we suggest hitting up the Boom Boom Room and trying to strike up a conversation—bring up Daphne Guinness!

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