Zendaya Hilariously Calls Out Tom Holland For His Instagram Flub

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We've found yet another reason to love Zendaya: her great sense of humor. Recently, the actress joined some of her other Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars for a magical day at Disneyland, where they met with fans, and, hopefully, noshed on some churros. While there, they also took the time to take a few group pics, one of which gained some attention for an, erm, unfortunate reason: Tom Holland tagged Zendaya on his crotch.
Holland has since changed the placement of Zendaya's tag to her right eyeball, but not before the actress could publicly call him out. "I'm assuming because you don't know how to work ig, that's the reasoning behind my name placement," she commented on the photo along with five crying-laughing emojis. What are friends for if not to laugh at our embarrassing mistakes?
The Comments by Celebs Instagram account also took notice and shared the original pic — hilariously placed tag and all – with its 1.1 million followers, as BuzzFeed noted.
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Holland has since responded by updating the photo's caption to read: "Disneyland with the ffh club. Thanks @zendaya for making me aware of my obvious blunder."
It's not clear why Holland's spidey senses didn't kick in, especially since he managed to tag Jacob Batalon in a safe, yet awkward (who tags on someone's belly button?) place. Holland, however, is sticking with his claim that he's just not that great with Instagram.
"Well, it's not secret that I'm not very good at Instagram," the actor admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night. Apparently, he also needed Zendaya to teach him how to post the Far From Home trailer to the social media platform. "Essentially, I'm an old man," he added. Someone get this guy a social media intern, stat.
Zendaya backed this claim on Twitter by writing, "he's just Instagram stupid." You've gotta appreciate the blunt, cold-hard truth — and her attempt to shut down even more relationship rumors.
Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal, who joined Instagram last December, seems to be getting the hang of it. In addition to a couple of cute throwback pics and promotional photos, Gyllenhaal even posted an adorable Valentine's Day tribute to Holland featuring a smooth jazz-playing romantic filter.

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