15 YA Books Worth Curling Up With This Summer

Scanning headlines can be the best way to make a morning subway ride fly by, but when it comes to chilling out on the weekend, relaxing with a pleasure read is just so much better. Sometimes, those books can't be found in the section of the bookstore you tend to flock toward — they might actually be hiding on the shelves of the Young Adult section. Okay, we know there's been much debate as to whether Y.A. fiction can resonate with, well, grown-ups ... but we say screw it: It's summer. You should be sticking your nose in a book that's fun and exciting. Plus, in some instances, these "made for teens" books may be surprisingly more complex and rewarding than some of those on the best seller's list.

For New Yorkers looking to cool out (because really, who isn't?), these 15 NYC-set books will transport you to a world you never imagined. Grab one of these paperbacks, plop yourself in the nearest park, and let these stories take you far, far away.

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