Today In Offensive Graphic T-Shirts...

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.
Update: The U.S. brand representatives for WYLDR have reached out to notify us that while the tank was not meant to offend any individual, they understand it can be interpreted as offensive, and have taken the piece off of WYLDR's online store. The team is also notifying its U.K. counterpart to take similar action — the brand says it will no longer carry any item with the slogan, and will not be creating graphic tees in coming seasons.

Graphic tees can go one of two ways: cute and witty, or just plain terrible. Just take a look at any one of your favorite fast-fashion retailers' T-shirt sections, and you'll get seemingly infinite pages of "what does that even mean?" slogans and horrible plays on words. We've seen our share of wildly offensive ones (see here, here, and here), but somehow, more keep popping up — it's as if these clothing companies are trying to one-up each other in awfulness. And just when we thought there were enough messed up graphic tees to go around, a picture of one reading "Take me drunk I'm home," slid into my inbox.

According to the description on Topshop, Wyldr pieces "are perfect for passionate, fashion-minded [women] who dress to impress," though we're not sure what's the slightest bit impressive about this. The brand has taken the gross concept of "asking for it" and literally emblazoned it on a top women are supposed to wear out at night. So, there's that. We were disappointed to find that Topshop's U.K. site sells both the tank and long-sleeve version of the tee, alongside the brand's "going-out" clothes. And we can't quite fathom why anyone at Topshop — a brand we love so dearly — would've thought this a good idea. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments.

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