How Did This Rape T-Shirt Even Get Made?

embedPhoto: Via Karen Kunawicz.
File this under: Shirts we can't believe got made, Volume 768. Hot on the heels of Urban Outfitters' bloody Kent State sweatshirt comes this specimen that manages to be even more offensive. Featuring the retch-inducing slogan, "It's not rape, it's a snuggle with a struggle," the shirt shown here was snapped by writer Karen Kunawicz at a mall in the Philippines. Kunawicz then did what any sane, outraged netizen would do: She posted the pic to her Facebook page last night, setting off a storm of comments and tweets demanding that the shirt be removed from sale.
The T-shirts were sold at SM Supermalls, a supermarket chain with 45 stores in the Philippines, and more in China. So, families could scoop up a charming side of rape culture along with their bread and eggs. Perhaps most alarmingly, it was stocked in the little boys' clothing section of the store. Gotta start them early if they're going to learn how not to respect a woman's "no."
Click ahead to see the store's response.
sm statementPhoto: Via @SMSupermalls.
After catching wind of the outrage, SM Supermalls issued the statement above via Twitter. It cites the T-shirts' "unacceptable message" (ya think?), while subtly denying any responsibility for the incident by stating "we are investigating why [this shirt] was included in our shipment of assorted T-shirts" from the consignor that distributes them.
Maybe it's a good idea for the staff at a massive chain store to actually look at the T-shirts it sells, lest the inventory include any woman-hating, rape-mocking slogans. That way, "the consignor's" error doesn't have to be your own. (Independent)

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