The Worst Shirt That Has Ever Existed Made Its Debut At Coachella

Where the offensive T-shirt was purchased or made remains a mystery, but the phrase on it appears to have first popped up on the web about a year ago. “Eat. Sleep. Rape. Repeat - Ranjeet style ;),” was tweeted by Twitter user @AmanSKhera last May, accompanied a photo of the Bollywood actor Ranjeet. His bleak legacy is that he’s filmed over 350 rape scenes. The onscreen villain was the inspiration for the meme, but it's unclear if he has anything to do with the T-shirt worn to Coachella, which almost doesn't matter. We don’t find the phrase funny or clever in any context.  This story was originally published on April 14, 2015.
Coachella (really, music festivals in general) is sometimes a hot bed of offensive sartorial choices. That can be anything as eye-roll inducing as a pair of sparkly fairy wings that jab festivalgoers trying to mind their business in the dance pit, to a much more serious offense like a headpiece that blatantly appropriates a culture for the sake of a cute look. But, this smiling man’s “Eat Sleep Rape Repeat” tee is about as despicable as it comes. Jemayel Khawaja, the managing editor for Vice’s electronic music site THUMP, snapped this photo of an anonymous Coachella attendee wearing the deplorable shirt in question. “This guy wins the award for worst fashion/lifestyle choices at @coachella. I'm not easy to offend, but this is shitty,” his Tweet read. But, as THUMP points out in its coverage, what’s perhaps more upsetting than a person who seems happy to promote rape culture in an unapologetic and public way, is that he's doing so in context of a music festival, where lax attitudes toward sexual harassment are already a huge problem. “Horrifying and mundane,” were the disturbing choice words the author used to describe matters of assault in club culture and the concert scene. Some speculated that this Twitter photo — the only one we could find thus far as evidence — is a fake and was altered to include the disgusting message. However, other attendees witnessed the not-funny, not-clever, not-okay play on the EDM term "Eat Sleep Rave Repeat," and posted about it on social media. "The most inappropriate shirt at #Coachella goes to the guy wearing one that says 'Eat Sleep Rape Repeat' - what the actual fuck?" tweeted @jennxlai on April 11, a day before Khawaja posted the picture above. In most cases, a provocative, statement-making sense of personal style is something to celebrate. There's a line somewhere, though, and this guy is approximately a million miles over it. (THUMP) More style scoop:
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