Adventures In Marketing: Selling Shorts At A Sausage Shop

When we think of shorts and sausages, the first thing that comes to mind might not be edible meat. For NYC brand Outlier, there seems to be a direct correlation, with a collaboration between Wurst Editions and Emily's Pork Store called the Wurst Outlier Sausage Pack. What's the rub, you ask? Well, every time you buy a pair of the limited-edition shorties (just 45 pairs), you score both a hot and a sweet sopressata from Brooklyn-based Emily's. According to designer Tyler Clemens and Abe Burmeister, the shorts feature "an elegant folded cuff, front watch pocket, and sausage toned rear pocket button." Though the regular, meat-friendly version will cost $139.99, there's a vegan version that comes sans sausages for $129.99. Dudes, how much pork do you need with your bottoms?
Available now on Outlier's e-commerce shop.