Hot Pants: The Ultimate Biker Gear

Sick of having your good pants eaten alive by your Huffy? To the rescue comes Outlier, launched by Tyler, a biking enthusiast with the mission of providing the urban cyclist with tailored versatile bike apparel. Their first product, the OG Pant, $240, is made out of 4Season Black Lotus fabric. What is that, you wonder? Well it's unbelievable is what it is. Seriously, this stuff is like an umbrella, a handiwipe and washer-dryer in one.
Made in New York City with Schoeller Dryskin Extreme fabrics, the material's surface is coated in nanoscopic spikes that prevent outside molecules (puddle back-splash, Gatorade spillage) from ingratiating into the fabric. It's self-cleaning, because it's impenetrable! Not only do the pants shield you from the elements, but they are comfortable and stylish. The fabric stretches as you ride, yet lean cut maintains its shape and—as is customary with every fabulous pair of black trousers—can be worn anywhere.

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