9 New Yorkers You Don’t Want In Your Summer Share

Booked a vacation house this summer? Congratulations — you have an excuse to escape the chaos (and sticky heat) of the city (for the weekend, that is), with no cares in the world except remembering to reapply SPF as you lie poolside and making sure someone is mixing up the next batch of margaritas.
Now, before your beach-obsessed mind gets too carried away with dreams of boardwalk makeouts and late-night campfires, don't forget to think about what really matters: It's not about where you are, but whom you're with. And, these people — your housemates — have the ability to make or break your summer. That's when you remember your BFF is bringing her insane boyfriend, and your friend’s sister's college roommate has vouched for that random older guy tagging along, but you barely know him (and he seems a little creepy, to be honest). 
If you’re reading this, it’s probably too late to kick out any questionable characters. But, please take a gander at some New Yorkers that you just might want to avoid making such commitments with in the future.