No, Thanks: The 30 Worst Possible Holiday Gifts

Designed by Shawna Huang.
The holidays are a time for coming together, celebrating, and unchecked pie-eating. What could be better? Oh, right — the presents. You want to make sure your gifts elicit squeals of delight, not a tight-lipped grimace trying to pass for a smile.
So, to help you out, we've put together a complete list of what not to buy your friends, family, and loved ones this season. Click ahead for the 30 most weird, WTF-y, and why?-inducing holiday gifts we could find. Cheese-straw of the month clubs and all.
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Because ladies LOVE doing dishes in their heels.

Brookstone Anti-Fatigue Mat, $119.99, available at Brookstone.
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Cheese straws were never meant to be a monthly event.

Gourmet Food Clubs Cheese Straw of the Month Club, $79.95, available at Gourmet Food Clubs.
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I don't care how close your favorite mama-to-be's due date is to Christmas. No one should have to imagine their child unzipping themselves and popping out like a demented xenomorph.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Christmas Baby Peeking Shirt, $17.59, available at Crazy Dog T-Shirts.
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You managed to fool HR's personality test — don't blow it now by violently punching a mini hot-air balloon every time your boss walks by.

Princess International Inc. Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball, $11.93, available at Geeks Hive.
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Look, just because a lady loves a good nap, does not make her the world's laziest mammal who only comes out of her tree to pee.

Appendage Accessories Sloth Sleep Mask, $20, available at Etsy.
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We prefer the scent of apples and cinnamon to that of creeping mortality.

Flick Candles Grandma’s Last Christmas Tree, $16.99, available at Flick Candles.
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Every Christmas I wish for the chance to be a T-800!

Sharper Image Hand Fitness Trainer, $29.99, available at Sharper Image.
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Nothing says, "Cover it up, Sister Wife" like a convenient 3-pack of modesty panels!

Harriet Carter Animal Modesty Panels, $6.98, available at Harriet Carter.
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Tell the tot in your life that he's as precious as a bucket of chum.

Hammacher Schlemmer The Shark Bait Sleeping Bag, $99.95, available at Hammacher Schlemmer.
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Nope. We can already spot the cutesy little jokes you're going to make when you hand this over, and just no. Shut it down.

Iron Fist Siamese Cat Leggings, $15.50, available at Dolls Kill.
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Prediction: The woman who thinks a lipstick-shaped flask is cute is also waiting eagerly for Sophie Kinsella's next novel.

Mustard Lipstick Shaped Hip Flask, $10.96, available at I Want One Of Those.
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Boxed Wine?! Well, la-di-dah, Ms. Bougiepants. I keep my wine in a tote bag.

Menu Wine Tote, $62.99, available at Macy's.
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Didn't we eat this already?

Arndt's Fudgery Homemade Fudge Gift Basket, $47.95, available at America's Farmstand.
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Ugh. Is this going to be one of those sexist books that assume we don't sleep with our plush Daleks every night, and have strong opinions about the de-canonization of the Star Wars Expanded Universe?

A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek by Omi M. Inouye, $13.46, available at Amazon.
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So what if she takes three days to answer your texts and never pays you back for brunch? Holidays are a time when families come together and we all pretend we love each other.

Crazy Dog T-Shirt World's Okayest Sister T-Shirt, $18.99, available at Amazon.
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Which is worse, to be cold or to look insane?

Sunbeam Cozy Spot Battery-Operated Heated Hand Warmer, $24.99, available at Sunbeam.
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Transform that tacky bottle of three-buck Chuck you're gifting this season into the most festive bunch of barrel-chested revelers you ever did see!

Lillian Vernon Knit Sweater and Hat Bottle Topper, $6.99, available at Lillian Vernon.
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Who wouldn't want a handsome, velveteen box — with engraved money clip or 9-in-1 tool — just bursting with sodium nitrate?

Oscar Mayer Bacon Gift Set, $22 - $25, available at Say It With Bacon.
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I told you to medium chop the onions and dice the shallots, YOU IDIOT.

The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, $24.99, available at Meninos.
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Know what we hate worse than egg-white omelets? Watching a gaping-mawed Goldeen slurp up the yolks and barf them out into a separate bowl.

Peleg Design YolkFish Egg Separator, $13, available at Design Boom.
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Sure, they water down your whiskey, but what ice cubes don't do is chip your teeth when you're knocking back a stiff one.

Rox The Eternal Ice Cube, $24, available at Rox.
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Ladies have always known The Sharper Image was a great source for on-the-low "neck massagers." Now, it's guys' turns, with this gently undulating plastic mitten.

Sharper Image Hand Massager, $129, available at The Sharper Image.
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These encourage smoking, and clothing fires. If they came with a poisonous dart frog, they'd be the trifecta of deadliness.

Suck UK Smoking Mittens, $30, available at Suck UK.
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Mom, is Winnie drunk?

Suck UK Teddy Bear Lamp, $160, available at Suck UK.
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Plug it up! We mean your USB port, obviously.

Meninos Studios Tampon Flash Drive, $29.90, available at Meninos.
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Don't you love when the lights are out, you're burning your favorite candle, and it slowly melts to reveal a cluster of wraiths trapped in a ghostly embrace?

Uncommon Goods Dance and Embrace Spirit Candles, $24, available at Uncommon Goods.
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Name me one scenario in which a cupholder-sized "Vino2Go" is advisable.

Vino2Go Vino2Go in Business Black, $12.99, available at The Product Farm.
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This year, give the gift that says she's tall, kinda hairy, and it's not wise to upset her.

Wookiees Chewbacca Ladies' Robe, $59.99, available at Think Geek.
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Only if you're gently mocking the giftee for jumping on the Timberlands bandwagon after Rihanna wore 'em.

Personalization Mall Work Boot Personalized Stocking, $20.95, available at Personalization Mall.
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All the names in this book are fully customizable, which means that your little Hunter or Madison can finally see themselves in Bram Stoker's blood-sucking, lecherous, undead count.

Bram Stoker Personalized Copy Of Dracula, $19.99, available at

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