Every Type Of Underwear You Actually Need For Working Out

Raise your hand if you exercise in regular, cotton underwear. If you do, you're all too familiar with that gnarly, wet-bottom feeling during an intense workout. Now, raise your hand if you own a sports bra you don't know anything about, other than that it seems to do its job of taming your floppy boobs. If both your hands are raised, then read on — this story on workout bras and panties is for you. But, the best part of getting acquainted with the sporty undies ahead is that they're guaranteed to change your life once the humidity of summer sets in or if you've got big traveling or camping trips planned (hint: There's lots of moisture-pulling fabric ahead).
To get educated on all things performance bras and underwear, we went straight to the experts — Kirta Carroll, VP of Brand Marketing for SIX:02; Jonny Mabanglo, Product Line Manager at ExOfficio; Rebecca duRivage-Jacobs, Associate Product Line Manager at Moving Comfort; and NYC-based, ACE-certified personal trainer and orthopedic exercise specialist Tracy Helsing — to find out what you need to know before your next exercise. All the sporty intimates you really don't need to sweat over, right up ahead!