12 Nostalgia-Inspiring Woolen Buys

If you haven't had success perusing those last-chance winter sales in search of that toasty, diamond-in-the-rough, super-trendy piece, it's time to stop the insanity and get back to basics. After all, the foundation of a truly great, well-rounded wardrobe isn't built on leftover designer garb and fast-fashion fads but on classic, functional pieces that promise to last a lifetime. And, when it comes to such threads, we tend to look to heritage wool mills that produce classic, quality pieces right here in the U.S. of A.
So, we virtually visited four parts of the States to find our favorite woolen pieces: coats, sweaters, hats, pillows, and more that all offer that much-needed warm embrace. Basically, think of these cozy fashions and home-decor pieces like you would that comfy blankie draped over your grandfather's beloved chair — it's nostalgia that's just waiting to be plucked up and cherished again. So, nestle in, take your time, and don't fear the chill, because these natural, woolen finds are here to shield you from the next storm.