Chafing Is The Worst, But These Running Shorts Are Great

Vaseline. Deodorant. Chapstick. BodyGlide. These are the various lubricants that people swear will help prevent thigh-chafing during a run. Friction is absolutely inevitable when you're running, walking, or doing any kind of repetitive motion, so a little chafing is normal. But that doesn't get rid of the fact that chafing can hurt like heck.
Finding a pair of running shorts that protects your thighs from chafing might seem as impossible as running back-to-back marathons — but it is possible. You basically have three options when it comes to shorts that don't chafe: long bike shorts, two-in-one shorts with built-in compression, and super-short shorts that won't leave any excess fabric between your legs.
Whichever style you prefer, we found a some running shorts for you — no lube required.

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