Books Every Women's Rights Activist Should Read

What does it mean to be a woman in the world? That's a question that merits some examination. You can look inward. You can look around you. You can go to marches. But to situate yourself globally and historically, and to gain broader perspectives than your own, you'll have to hear from others.
There's no easier way to speak to others than to read a book. In each of these feminist texts, you'll hear from brilliant and visionary minds whose observations about history and sociology will make you understand the world, and your place in it, more completely.
In these books, you'll experience snippets of history — like the final hour of the women's suffrage movement in 1920, or the first class action lawsuit for workplace discrimination against women. And snippets of lives, from women on the front lines of the feminist movement in the '70s to Malala Yousafzai. And finally, get the philosophical structure necessary to understand it all.
Without further ado: The books all women eager to learn about the fight for women's rights should read.

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