This New ECommerce “Village” Is Pinterest + Ebay + Our Dreams

There's nothing more fun than window shopping (except, perhaps, actually buying) — the beautifully set-up storefront, the decked-out mannequins, and the thrill of your eye lingering on a must-have item while strolling by. The only issue is that all the time sometimes you don't feel like leaving the house in this heat. Now, thanks to new site Wisemarkit, you can have the best of both worlds.
The NYC-based e-commerce site, which launched this week, is the innovative collaboration between Farris Salah and Oliver Ripley. Combining the perks of both online shopping and window shopping, the duo created a virtual reality where browsers can move their curser at an amble pace through a cute, drawn-out retail village without ever worrying about real-world problems (no elbowing your neighbor over a pair of pumps, here!). The site boasts displays of carefully curated collections, created by the site's members (who receive a commission for every sale) — think Pinterest-meets-eBay. Once you log in, we guarantee you it will be hard to log off and head to, say, Mulberry Street.

Photo: Courtesy of Martone Agency