Do You Really Need To Switch Up Your Skin Care With The Seasons?

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We're stoked on winter for a ton of reasons — and only a handful of them have to do with pumpkin spice. Our makeup shades get moodier, there's no need for waterproof mascara, and we get to swap in a totally new skin care regimen...right? Well, sort of. "You definitely need to change things up," says dermatologist Dr. Jeanie Downie. But, it isn't exactly the full-on product overhaul we've come to expect.
"You definitely still need sunscreen — and, it needs to be reapplied with regularity," Downie says. On top of that, you need more moisturizer. "When the weather gets cooler, there is less humidity, so your skin feels a little more parched," she explains.
This isn't just for your face, though — your entire body needs more hydration. "Look for oil-free moisturizers for the face, and something greasier, and more glycerine-based for the body." Downie recommends Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream to keep your bod supple, and the brand's Positively Radiant Moisturizer for your mug.
Adding moisture is the general theme amongst the products Downie recommends subbing in. "I always tell my patients to incorporate a hydrating mask into their routine in the winter," she says. Using a mask like this once or twice a week will ensure your skin stays moist, not flaky, when the mercury dips. If you're nervous about all that moisture on oily skin, look for a mask with hyaluronic acid, like Hada Labo Tokyo's Ultimate Anti-Aging Mask. "Continue using your serums and eye creams in the winter, too," Downie says.
What should you toss? Believe it or not, your toner. "I don't think that toners are necessary in the fall or winter," Downie explains. "They tend to dry your skin out. If your skin is too dry, it will secrete more oil, causing you to break out." The one exception is if you don't feel like re-washing your fast post-workout. "In this case, it's fine to use a toner," Downie says.
So, breathe easy. There's no need to break the bank on a completely new skin care routine come September. Save your cash...and your sanity.

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