30 Non-Snow Boots You Can Wear In The Snow

There's nothing like waking up to a winter wonderland just outside your window. The only problem is, trekking through sludge isn't as easy (or pretty) as the fresh fallen snow makes it look. Some winter days, the only way to successfully leave the house is strapped in to a pair of souped-up snow boots — you know, three inches of rubber cleats, extra-durable laces, and a double — and most-likely furry — lining. But when there's no forecasted blizzard or treacherous black ice, our wardrobes could definitely use a break from beat-up Sorels and duck boots. We all deserve a little fashionable oomph every now and then.

From heeled options for the light-flurry days to thick-soled lug boots that give actual snow shoes a run for their money, you'll be surprised by the durability some non-snow-boot boots can provide. For your wearing pleasure, we've compiled 30 alternatives to your not-so-cute winter footwear that can still handle any weather conditions thrown their way.

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