The Perfect Winter Clothes For Where YOU Live

Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
This story was originally published on December 21, 2014.

Our noses are redder than a Louboutin sole, and we haven't felt our toes since October. Yep, it’s cold here in NYC. But, in Wisconsin, for example (where this editor's mother lives), it's even worse. (Meanwhile, his brother in L.A. thinks his 65-degree day is nippy.)

Winter weather may be complicated, but our solutions to tackling the cold aren't: Wear. Warmer. Clothes. You already own a jacket, but is it actually the right one for your region? What about footwear? If you feel an ounce of chill, you’re doing something wrong. This guide will help determine just how to dress for the cold where you live — whether that’s the south, southwest, northwest, midwest, or northeast. To take it one step further, we turned to Intellicast and highlighted the record high and low temps for December in major cities in each region (some may surprise you), just to give you a sense of why these items will work. We're one step ahead of you, Mother Nature.
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Record High, Chicago: 69 degrees, 1982
Record Low, Chicago: -20 degrees, 1983

It's freezing in the midwest. If you live there, you're well aware of this fact. Just last month, highs in the Twin Cities were below 32 degrees Fahrenheit from November 10 through November 20. It just spirals downward from there. As a result, layers, layers, and more layers are crucial to surviving until, well, May.
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You need a parka. Don't argue with us.

Uniqlo Oversized Long Parka, $49.90, available at Uniqlo.
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A fingerless pair is ideal for driving.

Hat Attack Cashmere Arm Warmers, $74, available at Zappos.
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A functional boot that also looks cool is perfect for stomping through the snow, straight into your cube.

Aldo Birdy, $50, available at Aldo.
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The Northeast
Record High, NYC: 70 degrees, 1982
Record Low, NYC: 0 degrees, 1989

This is what we call "the unexpected" region. One day, Buffalo gets roughly 76 inches of snow. The next, it's 50 degrees and sunny in NYC. So, proper preparation is key. Invest in products that do double duty: sneakers you can wear on a "normal" day but also happen to be waterproof, and light jackets that are loose enough to pile over three sweaters if needed.
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This sweater is as fuzzy as your favorite blanket.

Christopher Kane Intarsia Wool-blend Sweater, $795, available at Net-A-Porter.
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This pom-pom beanie works outdoors and indoors, for all those snowy casual Fridays.

Floppy Cable-Knit Beanie, $29.99, available at Kohl's.
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Are they sneakers? Are they snow boots? They're both, and they're awesome.

Nike Roche Sneakerboot, $74.97, available at Nike.
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The Northwest
Record High, Seattle: 65 degrees, 1980
Record Low, Seattle: 12 degrees, 1983

Sure, you could get snow-slammed in the Northwest (remember Oregon's record 21 feet in 1983?), but in many areas from Eureka to Seattle, rain and more rain is coming your way through January, making water-repellent gear the most important part of your wardrobe.
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You vs. rainstorm.

Sutterheim x Garance Doré Rain Coat, $340, available at Sutterheim.
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Keep your layering essentials stored in a waterproof bag.

Herschel Supply Co.
Translucent Black Backpack, $98 $73.50, available at Alex and Alexa.
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Invest in a quality pair of multi-functional rain boots that will last you for years.

Women’s Original Short Rain Boots, $140, available at Hunter.
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The South
Record High, Charleston: 81 degrees, 1998
Record Low, Charleston: 14 degrees, 1962

It certainly depends where you live, but the South tends to be warmer than many regions. Snowfall can happen (in that case, everything will probably be closed and you won't have to leave your house anyway), but much of the winter will be mild. A chunky sweater is your winter staple.
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A wide-brim hat has many purposes: It adds extra warmth and combats the sun, all while tying together a look.

Leone Savoy Wide-brim Wool Fedora, $225, available at Barneys New York.
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The ideal foundation dress. You can layer it with tights and a sweater, or not.

Babaton Kramer Dress, $135, available at Aritzia.
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Wear these with or without socks — for a weekend of exploring.

Warren Flannel Sneaker, $225, available at Vince.
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The Southwest
Record High, L.A.: 92 degrees, 1938
Record Low, L.A.: 24 degrees, 1944

While above-average precipitation is predicted across the Southwest this year, drought is also predicted to intensify in parts of California and Nevada. So, rain jackets may be key, but could prove unnecessary. Overall, it tends to veer warm in this area of the country, so lighter layers suffice.
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Sometimes, a tee is all you really need.

Alternative Apparel Rocker Garment Dyed Distressed T-shirt, $28, available at Alternative Apparel.
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Flowy culottes give just the right amount of coverage.

Knit Palazzo Trousers, $49.90, available at Zara.
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Throw this on for cooler evenings.

Être Cécile
Good Life Boyfriend Sweatshirt, $124.44, available at Être Cécile.

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