8 Fancy Trends You Can Easily Wear Every Day

When it comes to quality winter wear, the lifesavers are always the investment pieces. These are the buys you might not necessarily think to splurge on, but know that if you did, they'd be worth every dollar.
The biggest problem with many winter essentials, though, is that they tend to be on the puffier, bulkier, and less attractive side of things. Why does it feel so impossible to find a coat that's both warm and sartorially pleasing, or a pair of boots that's both durable and cute? Well, we've dug deep and found that luxe pieces that offer both statement and practicality do exist. (Even if the function they serve is a purely aesthetic one.)
Ahead, you'll find eight fancy investment buys that are guaranteed to zhuzh and layer up your look, all while keeping you super warm. Whether you're ready for winter or not, we recommend budgeting for these elegant essentials now. We swear they're worth it.