Marc Jacobs Is Single, Manhattan’s Got A New Bridge, And Macy’s Is Living In A Material World

Say hello to NYC's newest bridge—The Willis Avenue Bridge will connect Upper Manhattan to the South Bronx, replacing its 109-year-old predecessor. (Washington Post)
The Upper East Side Lanvin Boutique is officially opened for business and they've even decided to host a 30% off sale. Looks like air conditioning really pays off. (Racked)
Marc Jacobs and his supposed "husband" have called it quits. Guess that couple was just too good looking to be true. (Styleist)
Macy's hopes to attract a new teen-audience by launching Madonna's new line, Material Girl. We're still on the fence re: Taylor Momsen. (WSJ)
A Brooklyn artist is suing an animated cartoon studio for using her creation to rake in the dough. It looks like the cartoon industry isn't all about smiles and pastels. (Gothamist)
Pampas Steakhouse is coming to the Flatiron District—Madison and 27th Street to be exact. Whose down for some steak shish kebabs? (The Real Deal)