Williamsburg’s Youngest Shoplifter, Mobama’s 2nd Vogue Cover, And Orlando Bloom Flips Out At Miranda Kerry

Catbird, an accessories shop in 'Billyburg, was burgled by a youngster who stole a locket. She wrote a note saying, "I didn't know that they cost anything so I put it in my pocket." Thank golly, the boutique is not pressing charges. (Gawker)
This new delivery service can bring you just about anything (except alcohol and illegal substances) to your house. You can order a Starbucks soy vanilla latte, toothpaste, or a lobster sandwich from the Hester Street Fair: Basically, you never have to leave your couch again. (Gothamist)

The Daily's heard a rumor that
is planning to put Michelle Obama on the cover for their December issue. That would bring her total cover count to two (in two years!). (Daily Front Row)

Orlando Bloom freaked out at girlfriend Miranda Kerr at Bergdorfs, apparently for trying on too many shoes. (New York Post)
Prince Harry is definitely coming to NYC this summer. Yep, he's back to get nice'n'sweaty at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Clasic. (The New York Observer)