You Asked, We Answered: The Best White Shirts Under $100

Writing and researching articles is but one part of our job. Here at R29 HQ, we're constantly checking our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the comments section of each story to hear what you have to say. In fact, many of our stories are inspired by your questions.
Just last week, we received the following request: "I'd love to see a feature on the best white T-shirts and blouses to wear to work — under a blazer or on its own — that are under $100 and not too sheer. Can you help?" We were on it quicker than you can say, "Cake day!"
First thing's first: For anything even the least bit see-through, invest in a simple, silk camisole. I wear one under basically everything I own for added comfort (layered under itchy tops) and, of course, for extra coverage, too. As for the white-shirt dilemma: Everyone knows the virtues of this all-important piece, but it's usually not the first thing you think to buy. So, we rounded up 15 affordable, stylish options to pair with the rest of your summer work clothes. Feel free to check "well-rounded closet" off your to-do list.