How To Style The One Closet Staple We All Own

I know what you're thinking: White T-shirts are one of the easiest things to style. They legitimately go with everything. But the fact that they're "so easy" is the exact reason why finding fresh ways to wear them is so important. White tees often get lost in the mix alongside our shinier, more exciting tops; and oftentimes, we resort to them as placeholders, rather than standout pieces.
What we should be doing, though, is thinking of white tees as closet staples that can give an edgy outfit an anchor. They're a digestible basic that, with the right pieces, can look cooler than anything else you own. Why? Because they're simple, effortless, and help to ground your look when you're feeling frisky risky.
Ahead, you'll find four looks that don't just employ a white T-shirt, but need the white tee for survival. This is how to rock the one piece that everybody owns.