Why Quogue Is The Hamptons’ Hidden Gem

Thanks to the Hamptons' overexposure on television and in movies, the thought of heading there for the weekend can feel nothing short of overwhelming. Where do you actually go, and where do you stay? What restaurants are best for some fresh seaside fare? Is there a place to get down that isn't filled with Scott Disick lookalikes popping bottles and dancing on tables?
Sure, we love having a good time just as much as the next person, but we also prefer our weekends to be filled with serenity — and some really good food. That's why, for a quick jaunt on a Friday afternoon, we've fallen completely in love with Quogue, the super-small Hamptons town that often gets overlooked for its more famous neighbors, like Southampton or Westhampton.
Looking to escape ASAP? Time to hop on the jitney, head east, and remind yourself why living so close to the Hamptons is actually amazing. Quogue or bust, y'all.