3 Restaurants, 3 Outfits: Your Gourmet Game-Plan!

All week long, we've been skipping the Pad Thai and hitting speed-dial on the daily for Energy Kitchen or Just Salad. Dinner? Uh, we've been heading straight to the Lean Cuisine section even if that Nutella is screaming at us louder than a Harry Potter Howler. It's summer, and we gotta slow our food roll during the week. But, oh haaaay weekend, diet game over. We're ready to pig out, gourmet-style, which is why we think this glam grub-list will have you calling for reservations faster than you can say "I'm hungry." Thank us after the post-gym visit—we know you're focused on that meal, so we've put in the extra time and cooked up an outfit for each of our three editor-approved spots. And they're really, really good and really, really different: Harlem's hottest comfort-food and a super-glam Soho rooftop bar that serves up bellinis to the downtown pretty committee both made the gradew. Hold the dressing for one more day, why don't you?
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