40+ Crazy Shoes Fashion People Love

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Furkenstocks and haute shower shoes were just the beginning — fashion still can't leave a perfectly good shoe alone. The proof is in the platform-tastic, overly ornamented, are-they-for-real? versions of the everyday shoes ahead.
From bedazzled Birkenstocks and souped-up sneaks to monster mules and knee-high Nikes, here are the 40 most "fashion" things that fashion people have done with your classic footwear lately. Hang onto your plain-Jane penny loafers because things are about to get weird in here.
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Classic: the soccer sneaker
The trainer your entire sixth-grade class thought was dope worn tongue-out with a floral dress is making an under-the-radar comeback.
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Fashion: the soccer shoe
Jeremy Scott's version would have made our soccer moms so happy: It does not get thriftier than built-in shin guards, people.
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Classic: basketball shoes
The shoe that launched a million sneaker obsessions, matchy-matchy outfits, and a Nelly song or two.
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Fashion: basketball shoes
Balenciaga gives classic basketball sneaks a fashion zhush with the modest additions of red suede and PVC.
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Fashion: basketball shoes
Giuseppe Zanotti goes one better with leopard print, polka dots, and polished-gold plaques.
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Fashion: basketball shoes
But, Riccardo Tisci truly takes the cake with high-tops so high, they're boots.
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Classic: the brogue
Ah, Church's wingtips: time-tested staple of foxhunts and days at the races.
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Fashion: the brogue
The brogue goes roller-boogie in gleaming gold leather. Is it just us, or is "throw a white lug sole on it" the fashion version of "put a bird on it"?
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Classic: the gladiator sandal
Perfect for strolling the beach in Bali — or filthy sidewalks in Brooklyn.
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Fashion: the gladiator sandal
These are equal parts gladiator sandal, straitjacket, and those Japanese geta sandals we thought were awesome in 1999.
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Classic: the Jesus sandal
Birkenstock has been waiting since 1994 for fashion to embrace its good ol' two-strap again — and, they're so ready to capitalize on the non-Burning-Man set's interest with this sleek, black, patent version.
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Fashion: the Jesus sandal
The fashion set, in turn, scoffs — and demands more sparkle.
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Classic: the penny loafer
What other shoe can transport you to sock hops and store your spare change?
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Fashion: the penny loafer
Phillip Lim sees your lowly peasant pennies and raises you some giant freaking diamonds (or crystals, anyway).
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Fashion: the penny loafer
Sure, penny loafers are great and all, but what we really need are platforms that make us six-feet tall and allow us to lumber like Frankenstein.
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Classic: the Mary Jane
The thin strap and modest heel that carried us through endless dance recitals and visits with elderly relatives.
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Fashion: the Mary Jane
Hm, something tells us grandma would not approve.
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Fashion: the Mary Jane
And, to really underline the whole Lolita vibe, here's a Mary Jane with a candy-necklace ankle strap.
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Classic: the mule
The way you feel about the mule probably tracks closely with how you feel about 1993.
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Fashion: the mule
Stella McCartney makes the most fashion-y house shoe ever, complete with sculptural wood heels and stepped-on backs.
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The mule: the fashion version
Spring style tip: Leave a trail of crystals everywhere you go, like an extremely fabulous Hansel and Gretel.
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Fashion: the mule
Who needs a Lugz x Michael Alig collabo when you have Jeffrey Campbell?
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Classic: the cross-trainer
The Air Max 90, a.k.a. the Nike we swore we'd never wear again, is making a major comeback this spring. Just ask the four-story billboard on 34th Street — and the three R29 staffers who simultaneously showed up in theirs on the same day.
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Fashion: the cross-trainer
From the same brand who brought you split-toe tabi boots, these are a surprisingly sedate take on the classic cross-trainer.
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Fashion: the cross-trainer
Leave it to Raf Simons to bring on the kook with his adidas collaboration, featuring vibrant hues and utterly superfluous pieces of heel plastic that promise one hell of a break-in blister.
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Classic: the slip-on
These days, the skater-kid slip-on feels more Céline than Spicoli.
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Fashion: the slip-on
Here, the skate shoe mates with the mule in a pairing that will make all but the most fashion-forward avert their eyes.
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Fashion: the slip-on
Remember what we said about "put a white lug sole on it"?
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Classic: the sport sandal
As evidenced by the upcoming Opening Ceremony collaboration, fashion's newest obsession is the Teva sandal. Most of us haven't seen it since the Candlebox sing-along on our our seventh-grade camping trip. And, most of us were okay with that.
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Fashion: the sport sandal
Fashion's variant sports colorful striped twill, a blue sole, and enough dangly crystals to deck out a chandelier in Versailles.
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Fashion: the sport sandal
Or, add some gleaming, fringed leather for a slightly less hike-ready style.
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Classic: the canvas sneaker
Keds' classic canvas tennies have been the beloved footwear of childhood summertimes and Taylor Swifts since 1916.
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The canvas sneaker: the fashion version
Cult-favorite Swedish brand Eytys (pronounced "'80s," in case you were wondering) does Keds one better with its sweet prints and a sole that's pleasantly chunky — but not of dangerous proportions.
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Classic: the dad jogger
The comfy, chunky, resolutely unstylish New Balance 574 has been a staple of your dad's gettin'-fit spring jogging routine since time immemorial.
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Fashion: the dad jogger
We're down with this fancy father and his iPod full of ABBA.
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Fashion: the dad jogger
We see what you did here, Karl.
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Fashion: the dad jogger
So, Rick Owens. Are we running in these? Are we contemplating Italian futurist sculpture in them? Are we just totally cool with Spice Girl Skechers now?
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Classic: the thigh-high boot
The perfect sexy-tough hybrid and answer to the question, "What would Emma Peel wear?"
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Fashion: the thigh-high boot
The fashion version is so thigh-high, they're actually just pants.
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Classic: the wood-heel sandal
A wood heel adds just the right amount of heft and clomp to a pretty summer sandal.
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Fashion: the wood-heel sandal
Because it's not fashion unless your foot is cantilevered forward in a way that looks dangerous and pain-inducing.
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Classic: the shower shoe
The Adilette slide, whose distinctive flopping sound still magically transports us to mornings in the freshman dorm.
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Fashion: the shower shoe
These are actually on the lower-priced end of this season's haute-shower-shoes spectrum, and they hew pretty closely to the originals. In the end, maybe the craziest thing about them is they've convinced us to spend three digits on shoes that are a glorified barrier for athlete's foot.

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