25 Effortless Weekend Pieces For When You Literally Just Can't

There's always that one friend who shows up to brunch dressed to the nines. She's freshly bathed (hair washed and everything), has a full face of makeup, is wearing every accessory imaginable, and — wait, what? — is rocking heels on a Sunday. And while we're all for dressing up however much or little you want, our weekend M.O. involves taking it way easy — you're with us on that, right?

Because when the weather is too hot to handle, Saturdays and Sundays give you license to wear less clothing than you have to cover up in during the week, including pieces that are comfortable, breathable, and laid-back. These are the days for lounging, brunching, or whatever kick-back-and-relax type of activity is on your agenda, and assembling your outfit should feel just as chill. Ahead, you'll find 25 great pieces to try. See? You're doing great with this minimal-effort thing already.

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