How To Look Awesome Even When You're Hibernating

After a long day (try week) at the office, the last thing on your mind is impressing your couch or coffee pot with some next-level outfit. As soon as you cross threshold of your front door, it's bye-bye tailored blazers, shirts, and pencil skirts. When you're basking in the sweet, sweet comforts of home, your wardrobe is mostly all comfy favorites until you venture back outside. Maybe you'll keep a bra on — but, only wireless and remember: That's a maybe.
Given the unique opportunity, we'll spend all Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday indoors — never even stepping out for food (because, Seamless). You might assume that indulging in these marathon stay-ins means foregoing #OOTD-worthy threads altogether. But, no! There are plenty of cozy-cool pieces to don for your Netflix binges, study sessions, and girls'-nights-in. You can take our word for it, or click through and feast your eyes on our favorite lazy-girl outfits.

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