4 Not-Boring Ways To Wear Your Favorite Eyeliner

Close your eyes and think about how you normally wear your makeup on a Friday night. (Really, do it!) Now, open them and repeat after us: I will try something new.
We get it: It's easy to fall into a weekend makeup rut, wearing the same old cat-eye or smoky eyeliner every time you venture out past 8 p.m. And while it's incredibly useful to have an evening go-to that you know you feel great wearing, we could all use a refresh once in a while.
To help you deliver on the promise you just made to us, we've rounded up four totally different eyeliner looks (for all skill levels) that will inspire you this weekend. And to make it easy, we've included the products you need to make them a cinch to accomplish, too. Check them out in the slides, ahead.
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