8 Hairstyles That Will Make You The Chicest Guest At The Wedding

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We may be a few weeks ahead of fall, but that doesn't mean that your calendar isn't sprinkled with "Save The Date" reminders running from Labor Day weekend straight through mid-November.
That's right, fall wedding season is about to sneak up on you, and with all the financial stress that comes with being a guest — buying a dress, a plane ticket, and a gift off the registry — there's one aspect that's totally free and fun to plan: your hairstyle.
When it comes to the fancy occasion updo, we're keeping it pretty simple this summer and heading into fall — imagine your go-to ponytail or bun, but with a flower or barrette tucked behind one ear. Once you've found your perfect long-sleeve dress, pull out this handy guide for eight easy and romantic hairstyles — any of which will make you the chicest guest at every reception.
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Stacked Barrettes

Adding accessories is an effortless way to make your hair look and feel fancy. For spring and summer, pearl-lined clips and pins were all the rage, and we're still into them for fall, especially when paired with deeper jewel tones.
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Sleek Ponytail

If you plan on spending the night on the dance floor, smooth your hair into a sleek low ponytail, then leave your natural curls to shine in all their glory. It's a look that will only get better through the evening — including the after-after party.
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Blinged-Out Updo

Dial up the dreamy factor of any romantic updo by cinching it with a delicate gold brooch in the back. Not only does it look stunning, but it will also keep your hair off your neck — a move you'll be thankful for when the humidity hits halfway through an outdoor ceremony.
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Loose Loop

There's something about a low looped bun with piece-y strands spilling around the face that feels polished and effortless at the same time. And it couldn't be easier: Just gather your hair into a ponytail and only pull your hair halfway through the elastic on the final loop.
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Wispy Topknot

Hollywood can't get enough of the wispy topknot this summer — and it's the perfect look for guests still recovering from rehearsal dinner drinks. Leave out a few front layers, toss on an oversized barrette, and you'll be ready for family photos in no time.
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Floral Accents

If a flower crown feels too flower girl, tuck a few tiny florets straight into your curls. It feels so effortlessly romantic, the bridal party will probably wish they had thought of it.
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Polished Braid

If you can braid your hair, then you have a look that checks both wedding boxes: black-tie approved and sweat-resistant.
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Romantic Half-Up

If your hair is mid-length, part it down the middle, grab a barrette and pin the top layers back into a half-up, half-down style that's appropriate for any wedding dress code.
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