Vogue Editors Are Cheap, Marc Jacobs Turns Librarian, And You Can Smash Andy Warhol's Head

The recession has affected Vogue editors too. They, (gasp!) wear J.Crew! (The Cut)
Hey Insurrectionists! The Anarchy Film Festival starts tomorrow. We're hoping there's some bomb squads nearby. (EV Grieve)
Marc Jacobs is opening a book store, as if he doesn't already rule the world. We can see the line already. (Gawker)
Congressman Anthony Weiner tweets at the tea party and wants to "fuck with them." Who says Dems have to be wimps? (NY Observer)
Andy Warhol is now a giant pinata at the Brooklyn Museum. No word to what's inside, but we're guessing most of it is illegal. (Animal New York)andy-warhol-300

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