Viva La Liberty! A.P.C Has the Summer Dresses You’ll Want To Wear

Liberty prints remind us of carefree summery days spent at outdoor concerts or skipping through the park. For A.P.C, the fabrics make them think of "David Hamilton's photos, and David Hamilton is like coming down off acid, or rather, an acid flashback." Beautiful. Start planning your summer trip to Bonnaroo (or just your, um, trip) now by indulging in the latest Liberty fabrics and A.P.C collaboration, a feel-good spread of tasty dresses, roomy totes, and a top that will no doubt look great paired with some bleached denim trousers. And how amazing is that spaghetti-strap sundress? We want to scoop them up now, but alas, we'll have to wait 'til May 15th, when the collection hits stores. Warm up your engines.