The Beauty Lessons Each Decade Taught Us

They say every trend that's big today is just a reincarnation of something huge from the past. And we'd argue recent makeup fads make that point: Bold brows were, well, bold in the '80s. Dark lips had a major moment in the '90s. And no one rocked a red lip like Marilyn Monroe did in the '50s.
So it's always fun to look back through history to see what the trends of the day used to be and how they inform our beauty standards today. Sure, the pencil-thin brows that were popular nearly a century ago aren't what people wear now (thankfully), but they do lead us to some pretty important conclusions about beauty.
Ahead, we examine the major beauty moments of each decade and distill what they taught us. Can Clara Bow lips really speak to the heavily contoured pouts Kylie Jenner is inspiring daily? You bet they can.

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