How To Wear Velvet Every Day, Not Just To Your Holiday Parties

Come party season, we're stocking all the best materials we rarely get wear the other ten months of the year. We set our sights on the festive pieces that count: glitter heels, sequined mini dresses, and the fashion favorite: velvet everything. But just because we love an unexpected, super-soft suit for New Year's Eve doesn't mean we can't extend the plushy fabric into other corners of our wardrobe. Seriously, velvet puffer anoraks are a thing.
Velvet's continuous return has given the texture an opportunity to jump from party dress exclusive to one of fall and winter's most ubiquitous finishes. Put yourself into the holiday mood on a day-to-day basis with everything from a velvet-lined blazer to a few pairs of velvet-finished sneakers. And if you're into wearing it to all those seasonal events, well, there's something for that too. Here's 30 extra-velvety pieces that have us hooked.

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