She Cleans Up Well: Vanessa Hudgens Ditches The Sweats

Typically, when we spot Vanessa Hudgens around L.A., she's wearing the 'ol pap-deterrer, workout clothes and Ugg boots. With her hair haphazardly tossed into a ponytail and minimal makeup, the Disney star could easily be mistaken for a SoCal student or your everyday gym rat. Well, there's no missing Ms. Hudgens' latest look — the Spring Breakers actress exchanged her go-to gear in lieu of some sultry styles, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, and Gucci for Harper's Bazaar Arabia.
Even though it looks like the hairstylist abandoned the blow dryer for the shoot, the overall enthusiast vamped it up in skin-baring gowns and a gothic makeup palette. Hudgens even attempts her own version of the Angelina stance high atop the Hollywood hills! But, she doesn't list Jolie as her top industry influencer, rather another (and pretty unexpected), big screen legend — Meryl Streep. She gushes to the glossy about Streep's long-lived career, and how she hopes to follow in the Oscar-winner's footsteps. To add to the revealing interview, the High School Musical star admits she has never been on a true spring break, making her latest role all the more complex.
Intrigued? We suggest you head on over to Harper's Bazaar's Facebook page to see even more snaps of Hudgens, and learn about her most shocking acting experience yet. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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