Jaw-Dropping (And Free!) New App: Valentino Builds An Online Museum

For someone who doesn’t consider himself tech savvy, Valentino Garavani has performed a feat of epic proportions. Entering his freshly launched online museum is like being transported to a pristine vault of chic in the heart of Rome (sans the jet lag). With 360-degree views of 300 history-making dresses, this online archive will have you pinching yourself it feels so (sur)real. In the posh cyberspace Palazzo, you can mosey along themed-galleries in giant wings to rediscover Hollywood’s glitziest red carpet moments (think Julia Roberts’ Oscar win stunner). We have to hand it to the Last Emperor—instead of building a grandiose palace like some of his rivals (rhymes with Pucci), he oh-so-kindly granted everyone access to explore his glamorous past. So whether you’re lounging in Alex Wang sweats in Weho or cuddled up with your pup in Silverlake, download the free desktop app and practice your Italian because bellissimo is sure to be the first word from your lips!

Photo and Video: Courtesy of KCD.