Cat Casting Call: United Bamboo Is Looking For America’s Next Top Meowdels

Although it seems like puppy love reigns supreme here at R29, the truth is that there are a good handful of us who are wholly devoted to felines. Call us crazy, but we've long been annoyed at the fact that cats are stereotyped as cheezburger addicts or psychopaths who plot our doom while we're at work, whereas dogs are always considered to be "man's best friend" (even though they can't even clean themselves without assistance). We call BS. It happens to be a well-known fact that few animals can pull off designer outfits like kitties, so the fact that United Bamboo looks to them as models is hardly surprising. In our opinion, we're just happy to see them getting the dignity and sartorial respect they've long deserved.
So, if you look at your little Osip Meowndelstam or Purrincess Persephone and see nothing less than the next David Beckham or Gisele, United Bamboo wants them to star in the 2013 edition of their famous Cat Calendar. All you need to do is upload a photo of his or her furry little mug onto the brand's Facebook wall, or tweet it to them with the hashtag #catclub, and they'll take your feline into consideration. In the end, only 12 cats will win the honor of being 2013's It animals, and will be able to participate in the NYC photoshoot on Saturday, June 9. Better start working on that blue steel, we hear the competition is getting fierce.

Photo: Courtesy of Krupp Group