16 One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Venues That Could Only Exist In L.A.

Wedding season is here, which means your summer calendar is filled with evenings at hotel ballrooms and country clubs — all the tried-and-true venues for tying the knot. Sure, it may seem a touch monotonous, but you can’t really blame your engaged friends for sticking to these familiar spots. As any soon-to-be-married couple will tell you, just like searching for "The One," finding the perfect wedding location isn’t easy.
But leave it to us Angelenos to pin down some creative spots for a truly memorable ceremony and reception. For those couples who prefer to kick tradition to the curb, Los Angeles offers plenty of offbeat options. Whether it’s dancing the night away on a ranch straight out of the Wild, Wild West or saying “I do” in a silent-movie theater in West Hollywood, there are plenty of out-of-the-box locales to suit anyone’s sensibility. Keep reading to check out our roundup of 16 crazy spots where L.A.'s quirkiest couples get hitched.