30 Unexpected Holiday Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Impress

You've made a list, and you've checked it twice. This year, you've got the whole holiday shopping thing on lock. The only problem? You've promised yourself to not take the easy route — that means not buying the same pair of socks for eight different people, no boxed chocolates, and no more resorting to candles as the last-minute goodie for everyone you forgot about.
For once, you're taking the holiday season as a time to actually show the people you care about just how much they mean to you — and not just anything will make the cut. Where to begin? Since the only thing better than receiving a gift you're excited about is giving one that blows someone away, we're here to help you stay committed to the goal of doing just that. It's time to score some presents that aren't just meaningful, but totally unexpected, too. Click through for the 30 most out-of-the-box items that are sure to impress everyone on your "nice" list.