Viral Video: Subway Surfing Should NOT Be The New Planking

We've all seen those signs on the subway alerting us—in English, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese, no less—not to "surf" on the outside of the subway cars. Upon seeing such a sign, you might think "who the f*ck actually rides outside the subway like one of those Garfield window clings some suburban mom has on her mini van?" (Trust, you're not alone in this thought). But of course, the sign wouldn't exist if people didn't do it, and lately a video of a young man's surfing expedition has gone viral. Metro recently posted an article on the topic and talked to a 28-year-old named Erik, who's a subway surfing veteran. He says that people do this for the rush of adrenaline; While he personally has only ridden on the elevated lines and not in tunnels "for fear of smashing into unseen obstacles," he worries that this new video will inspire copycats. Since we care about each and every one of our lovely readers, here's our PSA: Don't do it. Exercise your sanity and ride on the inside so you can live to dance, shop, eat, and love with the rest of us!

Photo: Via Animal New York.