Watch! 3 Ugly Sweaters, 3 Pretty Outfits

Now's your chance to unearth that so-called ugly sweater from the back your closet and let it shine in all its tacky glory. Now's the time to go searching through your neighborhood thrift store (or your grandfather's dresser) for that particular knit with so much attitude and a truly questionable color combo. Now's the moment you can wear that crazy pullover with pride and (gasp!) actually look chic doing it. You see, just because your topper may fall into the fugly category doesn't mean your whole ensemble's gotta suffer. In fact, there are many ways to actually look cool, even if your Christmas cardigan belonged to a home-ec teacher circa 1983. Watch the vid and do your thing. And, remember: The look is ugly pretty, not ugly ugly.
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer. Shot by Jack Pearce and Kenny Wu.