Tyler Cameron, America’s Sweetheart, Wants You To Teach Him About Skincare

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Tyler Cameron is an earnest fitness nut. The former Bachelorette contestant recently trained three first-time runners for the 2022 San Francisco Marathon in partnership with Degree's “Not Done Yet Marathon” campaign.
Exercise, working out, is a big part of Cameron's personal life. During a recent interview, he told me about his daily grind and post-workout beauty routine, which left me slack-jawed. Because it wasn’t just… “I wake up and splash water on my face.” No, Cameron knows what works for his skin (Vaseline) and what doesn't (...not Vaseline). Here, he walked Refinery29 through a day in his life, dropping his favorite scented deodorant, and exactly what he does to stay looking 26 at age 29. 
The following interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.
Refinery29: Okay, walk me through your routine, from the moment you get out of bed to when you get back in.
Tyler Cameron: Morning routine, this is how it starts off: It's going to sound a little crazy, but I wake up, I go to the bathroom, and all of a sudden, when I'm in the bathroom waking up, splashing water on my face, whatever I'm doing, my hand reaches out, and it's my pre-workout. I literally turn around [Cameron reaches out almost as if his hand is being possessed by an otherworldly creature], grab the pre-workout, I drink it.
It's 7:00 a.m., 6:30 a.m., I go into the garage. I get my workout, completely sweat everything out — I stink, I smell, I'm nasty. I go into my shower. I've got my Degree Active Wash, I hit myself with that, get that right. They have a Recharge one that I love, it smells like lemongrass and eucalyptus. I wash my face, comb my hair. I learned that if you have long hair, you've got to comb your hair every day — I didn't know that. My hair's growing out, now I realize I've got to comb it every day. It's [the] things I'm learning as I grow and mature.
R29: Pro tip: You should comb your hair in the shower, when it has conditioner on it, before you rinse it out.
TC: Yeah, I'm still learning. How often should you condition your hair?
R29: Whenever you wash your hair.
TC: How often should you wash your hair?
R29: You should wash your hair, depending on your hair type, two to three times a week. [Editor's Note: Do whatever you want with your hair. Wash it whenever. There are no rules.]
TC: I used to think conditioning was bad for your hair, but now I'm learning it's good for your hair. You're teaching me a lot here.
After I brush my hair, I brush my teeth. This is probably the most important thing I do all day: I put deodorant on. When you're in Florida, you've got to get something that keeps you cool, little Degree Cool Rush.

I don't want to smell like Fabio or anything like that.

R29: What does that one smell like?
TC: Just clean. It smells clean.
R29: Clean. Are you a fragrance guy?
TC: No. I don't put on cologne, I don't do any of that. My stench is my stench. I want you to remember what [I smell] like; I don't want to smell like Fabio or anything like that. I want you to know what Tyler smells like when you hug me and not just some fragrance. That's why I like Degree Cool Rush. There's no dominating scent to it, it's just clean.
Then, I get on with my day. Actually, I moisturize, put a little Vaseline on. I learned you've got to preserve your skin. I see a lot of people in Florida, a lot of fair-skinned people [who] sit out in the sun a lot, and they turn into leather. My dad especially, he looks like an old, leathery man. I'm not trying to be that. I want to be a nice, moisturized man. I don't want to be 29 going on 55. I want to be 29 going on 26.
R29: You're learning.
TC: You go on a TV show, all of a sudden, everyone sends you beauty products. I've been experimenting. All of my friends I grew up with, all the girls, they all love it. They're teaching me everything. "Okay, this is for this, this is for that." Now, I'm learning. I think men are starting to have more conversations about moisturizing. When I was in college —
R29: Three-in-one, maybe some deodorant, and you were out the door?
TC: Exactly. Three-in-one, yes. Facts. We're at Vaseline now, right?
R29: Yeah, we're at Vaseline.
TC: Moisturize my body, and then, we've got to put some sunscreen on our face. Like I said, that sun is undefeated. Father Time is undefeated. We've got to try and just prolong it.
R29: Do you have a sunscreen that you like?
TC: Do I have a sunscreen I like? Really, it's just whatever's around the house. I guess I should probably get ... a mineral or something? I don't know. Whatever's around, spray it, hit it.
Then, we get back to the routine. We're going to go back in the shower, we're going to hit our Degree Active Recharge, lemongrass eucalyptus, with my loofah. Or, I've got the back scratcher — that's another game changer. Get little face wash in and brush my hair again. Brush my teeth, hit myself with a little moisturizer, a little eye cream. Vaseline, the whole dang body. Hop in bed, snuggle with my dog. That is it.
R29: Tyler, you are miles ahead of the 90% of men that I speak to, I need you to know.
TC: It took a long [time] to get here. It took having some girlfriends as your best friends. It took my first ex explaining to me what moisturizer [is] and that it's okay for men to use it; it took my dad looking like a leather-back turtle to realize that that's not it. And, getting bad sunburns and sun spots, — all those things that aren't good for you.

It took my first ex explaining to me what moisturizer [is] — and that it's okay for men to use it.

R29: Yeah. I'm sure, if you're working out in Florida, even if you're in your garage, you're getting some kind of sun exposure in there.
TC: Exactly, and the garage is not the cleanest, so you've just got to make sure you scrub extra hard with your Degree Active Recharge.
R29: Degree Active Recharge in Cool Rush. You're not rushing to be cool with Cool Rush.
TC: Exactly, you're just cool as it is.
R29: You're just cool, because —
TC: We don't rush to cool, we cool to rush.
R29: There's no rush to be cool with Cool Rush, because you're just cool.
TC: Yeah, we cool the rush.
R29: Everyone's rushing to you to be cool.
TC: Yeah, I wish.
R29: … Same. You use an eye cream, that alone is enough. I don't think I know a single man born after 1990 who uses an eye cream.
TC: Talk about this '93 baby right here. I use Clarins sometimes. [But] sometimes, I just end up using Vaseline everywhere. If you're in a bind, just put it everywhere.
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