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19 Non-Frumpy Ways To Wear Turtlenecks

Even though turtlenecks are a wintertime classic, many of us have an understandable aversion to them. Why? Those itchy, scratchy, and downright claustrophobic childhood memories will never leave us completely. There's also the style factor: Without the right fit, we tend to look kind of frumpy — and not in a granny-chic way. So, it's no wonder that we typically save these body-sheathing pieces for another day, with the intention of wearing them "soon." Suddenly, it's the middle of March, and those frigid temperatures have become nothing more than a slight chill. Opportunity missed, yet again.
And, that's why we're finally ditching those oversized numbers that never really did us any favors — save for that week our apartment didn't have any heat. Better late than never, we sourced six flattering styles you'll actually want to wear in public. From crop tops and embellished knits to sleeveless options and sweaterdresses, these bundled-up buys are begging you to give 'em a second chance.
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.