Trust Fun! Makes Cosmically Trippy Bags And Jewelry

As much as we're excited for fall's demure side, we can't deny our everlasting love for a kooky print here or there, or our continued coveting of all things cosmic. The goods over at Trust Fun! are bright, brave, and thoroughly psychedelic. Their Islander Sacks, draped in color-drenched fabrics, call to mind the technicolor insides of kaleidoscopes, while the Rockmen Necklaces are like the moon-rock relics of some mystical shaman. Though the items are not available in the U.S. yet, shoppers in Australia and London will be able to get their hands on these Jonathan Zawada and Shane Sakkeus creations. In the meantime, we'll just fill our daydreams with these otherworldly designs. (Notcouture)

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