Would You Let A Website Pick Out Bras For You? We Did—& Here’s What Happened

Most of us ladies probably think we know what our bra size is. At some point, you were likely measured at a department store or lingerie shop, and — barring any major weight gain or loss — you've most likely been sticking to the same cup and band size since puberty.
However, when your brand-new lacy numbers aren't quite cutting it, or worse, the straps are cutting into you, you might start to suspect that not all 36Cs or 34Bs are created equal. And the bra geniuses at True & Co. realized this, as well. Forget the measuring tapes and fitting rooms, True & Co. has created a way to determine your perfect bra size (which, yes can range by cut or style) with a simple and quick test — a "True IQ," if you will.
Of course, we were skeptical when we took the test for ourselves. The questions were not purely number-based — they covered band tightness, cup spillage, preference of support level, as well as other questions to help us most accurately find our best match. Once they determined it, True & Co. then curated a collection of bras they thought we would like best. We selected three, two additional (surprise) options were added to the mix by the experts, and for $45, the box of five bras was shipped directly to us.
We most definitely did appreciate the at-home, easy try-ons and the option to test out a few more styles than maybe we would have not normally picked out. We also loved the pay-for-what-you-keep philosophy and the fact that we did, in fact, want to keep a few of the styles we were sent. However, to be honest, we can't say that every bra in our first box was a perfect match (that's what trial and error are for, right?).
All in all, we still think True & Co. is better than most bra-shopping experiences we've had, despite the fact that we didn't fall in love with everything they picked out. The fit quiz paid attention to more than just the numbers on the label; the site offered super-pretty options we would totally purchase, and most importantly, we saved a trip to the store that, likely, would not have been as smooth, quick, or yielding in quite the same number of additions to our underwear drawer.

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