This Is The Most Excited You’ll Ever Get About Raincoats

Of your collection of toppers, the one you reserve for rainy days is probably your least favorite of the bunch. And, who could blame you? True, a functional raincoat makes all the difference between a totally miserable commute to work and one that's not so bad. But, in uninspired shapes, gross materials, and color ways that are either too sad or too juvenile, a waterproof jacket has never really made a drizzly forecast worth it.
But, rainwear brand Trout is definitely changing the scene, creating jackets that are so cool, so sophisticated, and so beautiful, we'd wear them even if there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. The shapes are fantastic; for one, there's a jacket in the form of a blazer that works for both dress-up-for-work days and dress-up-for-brunch afternoons. We also love the two-toned Baby Gila jacket that's got a substantial hood to make umbrellas unnecessary. But, our absolute favorite? The reversible Rainbow Liner with a Liberty-print side and a colorblocked side, with an extra layer of insulation that'll keep you warm when the rain turns into sleet.
The spring '14 collection is priced between $535 and $730 Canadian dollars and will be available online at by mid-January and for purchase at Holt Renfrews in select Canada locations at the end of the same month. Indeed, rain slickers never looked so, well, slick.

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